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Chaga Extract

Chaga Extract is a Powerful Healing Substance

Chaga extract is a potent substance that is derived from Chaga mushroom. This mushroom isknown as “King of Herbs” because it has more medicinal powers than other type of mushroom.

It is different from the ordinary mushroom because instead of gills, it has pores. This mushroom grows in the Siberian Mountains, where the climate is very inhospitable. This extreme climate condition is one of the reasons why this mushroom contains so many powerful substances.

Chaga Extract

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The extract from Chaga mushroom comes in liquid, granular powder and capsule forms. The color of all these extracts is brown. The liquid extract is soluble in water, has a coffee-like taste, is odorless and can be mixed with water, coffee, tea, soup or juice. The powder form can be mixed in the same manner.

Since Chaga extract is sourced from this mushroom, it has many medicinal uses as well. The best extracts are those which are derived from mushrooms that grow in the birch forests of Siberia. These extracts are usually made not just from the body of the mushroom, but also its mycella. There are more medically active protein compounds in the mycella of the mushroom than in its body.

How Chaga Extract is Made
The best chaga extract is derived from the premium grade Siberian Chaga mushrooms grown and harvested in Western Siberian. Suppliers of Chaga extract usually utilize the same extraction process. 

To ensure the preservation of the potency of Chaga’s chemical compounds, a low pressure aqueous extraction process is utilized. A special type of water, called energized Pi-water, is used in the extraction process. This type of water has the same energy and fulfills the same function as your body water. It is very suitable for preserving the antioxidant value of the Chaga extract from the initial bottling process until it is consumed by the user. To facilitate cell absorption of the antioxidant substances of the extract, other mineral compounds are added to the formula.   

After the aqueous extraction, the sublimation phase or infrared drying process follows to produce the extract in powder form. The sublimation process is believed to ensure the preservation of the active compounds of Chaga.

The Powerful Substances Inside Chaga Extract
People who have taken Chaga extract have testified to some of its healing effects. Even a small amount of this extract can result in big health improvements. The reason is the beneficial substances that Chaga contains. Some of the known active compounds contained in Chaga extract includes: melanin, lactones, inositols (B vitamins), betulin flanosterols, inotodiol, xylogalactoglucan, protein-bound polysaccharides, steroidals and lanostanoid triterpenoids.

Betulin functions as a killer of cancer cells. It destroys cancer cells without adversely affecting the normal healthy cells.

Polysaccharides enhance the functions of the brain, and are also beneficial in the digestive process, liver function and energy enhancement.

Practical Uses of Chaga Extract
Here are some of the ways you can use Chaga extract:

• For healing of digestive problems and improving bowel function.
• For improving your eyesight.
• For improving the quality of your sleep.
• For dissolving small skin growths, moles and skin discolorations.
• For reducing hyper activity in children.
• For reducing arthritic inflammation and pain.
• For clearing brown spots (liver spots).
• For reducing blood sugar levels.
• For lowering cholesterol levels.

More Important Benefits of Chaga Extract
As far as treatment of diseases is concerned, Chaga extract offers more valuable benefits which include the following.

• Daily intake of this extract will help to remove kidney stones.
• Studies done on this extract have proven its effectiveness in treating many types of cancers, including breast cancer, melanoma, liver cancer, stomach cancer and lung cancer. Clinical studies showed 85% reduction in lung cancer and 78% reduction in breast carcinoma.
• The beta glucan contents of this extract reduce the incidence of tumors and immune deficiencies. They also help reduce cardiovascular, parasitic, viral and bacterial diseases.
• There have been more than 1,600 research studies conducted over more than 40 years which show that it can be used as a form of treatment for HIV, diabetes and hormonal imbalance.
• The substances contained in this extract are claimed to increase longevity and improve health.

Suggestions for Daily Dosages of Chaga Extract
There are suppliers that recommend a daily dosage of 8 to 10 drops of Chaga liquid extract mixed with juice or water. This is taken twice a day to strengthen the immune system. It can also be taken with your daily meal.

For those who want the granular Chaga extract, it is recommended that you take 1 teaspoon of Chaga granules and place it in your coffee filter and brew it just like coffee. You can also eat it raw.

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