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Chaga Tea

Chaga Tea is Good for your Health

Chaga tea is derived from Chaga mushrooms, a special type of mushroos that grows in the Siberian Mountain regions. There is a story that says the people in this area, in order to save money on tea, did not brew tea but chaga, a mushroom that grows in the birch trees in their forest.

This was the reason why there are no cancer patients in this part of the world. These Russian peasants have been treated with cancer without them ever knowing it.

Chaga Tea

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The Traditional Chaga Tea
In Russia, the chaga mushroom has been traditionally taken as a tea. They shred the inner parts of the mushroom and soak them in cold water for a couple of hours to soften the mushroom tissues. The softened mushroom is then put in a cup of hot water and allowed to stand in room temperature for two days. Meanwhile, the water with the essence of chaga is saved and stored in a container.

After two days, the leftovers of the softened mushroom are disposed of while the liquid or tea is combined with the saved chaga essence. This is now a potent drink which can be taken within four days. This tea tastes bitter, but has a coffee flavor with no aftertaste. It is also slightly astringent at this stage.

What is In Chaga Tea?
Chaga tea, together with its parent chaga mushroom, has excellent anti-cancer properties. This cancer fighting ability is derived from its huge content of phytochemicals, polysaccharides and antioxidants. It also contains significant amounts of betulinic acid, a compound that comes from the wood and bark of birch trees. This particular chemical substance is responsible for chaga’s antiviral and anti-tumor abilities.

Benefits of Drinking Chaga Tea
Chaga mushroom has long been used by the people in Russia, Siberia and Northern Europe as a health elixir. Chaga tea, derived from this mushroom, has also been popular as a health drink for strengthening the immune system. It has also shown great potential as an aid to treating many types of cancer.

By drinking Chaga tea regularly, you stand to gain the following benefits:

• Chaga tea can help to expel intestinal worms.
• It is helpful in treating heart ailments and hypertension.
• Regular drinking of this tea will help you fight diabetes, various types of cancers, respiratory diseases, liver problems, lung infections, kidney problems, colds, coughs, fever, etc.
• If you have stomach disorders, drinking this tea will help alleviate the symptoms.
• Drinking this tea regularly may also help prolong your life.
• It will help strengthen your immune system.

There are ongoing studies and experiments that will record the effectiveness of this substance against many types of diseases. What is certain at this time is the ability of Chaga to strengthen the body’s immunity to disease, as well as an aid in treating the body once disease set in.

Chaga Tea Is the Best
Chaga tea is more like a health drink than a cure or treatment for diseases. It is used more for disease prevention rather than a form of treatment. Even then, there are tests and experiments which show that the antioxidant powers of this tea are more than the antioxidant capabilities of mega doses of vitamins C, E, A, Q10, bioflavinoids and other nutrients. Furthermore, these Chaga antioxidants also absorb free radicals and neutralize them before they can do damage to your cell tissues. If you really don’t want to get sick, you should endeavor to drink Chaga tea regularly.

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