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Chaga Mushroom

How Chaga Can Benefit Your Health

When you have a very strong immune system and your body is in good energy balance, you will be able to ward off any type of disease. But in nowadays, it is quite difficult to have a healthy and strong body, because of the kind of food we eat and the environment in which we live.

Thankfully, there are health supplements that can help us recover our health when we get sick. One of the best supplements available today is Chaga mushroom. This supplement can strengthen your immune system and help you fight all kinds of diseases. Prevention is always better than cure and here is where Chaga can be of most benefit.

Chaga MushroomWhat Is Chaga Mushroom?
Chaga mushroom is a high quality mushroom that is native to the Siberian Mountain regions. It grows in the birch forests of Russia, Northern and Eastern Europe and North Korea.

Chaga is a type of fungus that grows on the trunk of birch trees and lives off with the trees’ nutrients. It is different from ordinary mushrooms because it is not composed of gills, but of spores. The color of this mushroom is black and its appearance is very grotesque. The best Chaga mushrooms are harvested after 20 years. Usually, shortly after the mushrooms are harvested, the tree where they were formerly attached to also dies – all their nutrients exhausted by the fungus.

This mushroom was used in China and Siberia for thousand of years for medicine and was known as “King of the Herbs” and “A Gift from the Gods.”  The name Chaga was derived from the indigenous languages spoken in the Arctic Circle. Native American people called it Tiaga or Tsi Aga, and ate it as part of their food, which also made them immune to diseases brought by the early trappers.

Chaga Mushroom Has Many Beneficial Components
Of all the higher quality medicinal mushrooms, Chaga mushroom from Sibera ranks among the most potent species. The reason for this is the quantity of its concentrated substances. 

Chaga contains significant amounts of super oxide dismutase, or SOD. This gives it more antioxidant capabilities than mega doses of vitamins C, A, E, co-enzyme, Q10, beta carotene, essential oils, bioflavinoids, spirulina and grape seed extracts. Chaga’s SOD quantity is 35,000, compared to other mushrooms which only have 1,400 to 1,500. The amount of SOD in our body is important for our health but it decreases as we age. Physical exercise and living a healthy lifestyle will help keep levels high. Taking Chaga supplements will also help.

In addition, the antioxidants of Chaga absorb the free radicals and neutralize them before they can do damage to the tissue cells. Compared to other varieties of medicinal mushrooms, Chaga contains 25 times more antioxidants. The rating scale that measures its antioxidant properties is called ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). A study conducted by Tufts University in the United States found that the ORAC rating of 1 ml or 1 gram of Chaga is 4 times more than the antioxidant power of 1 ml of clove oil, clove oil being the highest of all essential oils with an ORAC score of 10,786,875 per 1 ml serving.

What Chaga Mushroom Can Do For You
With all the powerful substances contained in Chaga mushroom, it can be effectively used to strengthen your immunity to disease. You can also use it as a potent agent for healing when you get sick. Here are some of the benefits you can get from this mushroom.

• Cancer treatment – it can kill cancer cells but does not harm normal cells. Chaga is effective against liver cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, melanoma and breast cancer.
• It can be used as a form of treatment for other diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.
• It can boost your immune system.
• It has active components that can work against influenza viruses A and B.
• It can eradicate intestinal worms.
• It can be used for treating liver and heart ailments.
• It can normalize your cholesterol levels.
• It can suppress the adverse side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics.
• It can be used as an anti-aging treatment.
• It can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent.
• It can be used as an anti-viral agent.

The Best Chaga Mushroom in Today’s Market
For you to be able to enjoy all these benefits, you must use authentic Siberian Chaga Mushroom. One way you can ensure that you are getting the real one is by asking the seller for a Certificate of Analysis. If he is selling you real Chaga, he should have no trouble giving you this certificate.

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